Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Let the Collaboration Begin!

On Thursday July 3rd, members of the CCA gathered together on Elements in Design to meet and discuss intellectual property rights issues with Blue Linden. It was an incredibly informative and helpful discussion. Blue introduced members to the creator registry project he's been working on. He asked for and received great feedback from attendees.

Essentially the Registry would work as a helpful guide for consumers to shop with confidence, and as a way for creators to assert their ownership of the intellectual property that they are selling. The registry would work on a point system. The creator earns more points with the amount of real life contact information he or she provides. In order to register, a creator would have to at least have payment information on file. Now granted it can be hard for some to do that, but this registry would not be mandatory. It is not meant to augment or replace the legal DMCA process. It is simply a way for creators to register their work as theirs and be on record to the general community as such. CCA members in attendance voted in unanimous support of the registry project.

We hit Blue with a barrage of questions about the registry and other IP related issues. To his credit , he fielded all of our questions patiently, succinctly and with good humor. (He actually was teleported away by another Linden and returned! lol) The atmosphere was one of sincere willingness to collaborate, from all parties in attendance. Thanks to all of you, for your hard work, dedication and positive outlooks despite all the obstacles we've had to overcome! Thank you Blue, for your willingness to work with us. I encourage all who read this, to take advantage of the Linden presence in Second Life and attend Office Hours Meetings. We need to stay proactive if we are going to keep our community sustainable.
If it's worth creating, it's worth protecting!
Photo credit: Maxwell Graf of Rustica (Ty Max!)